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About Tim Jarvis

Elder Law Attorney Tim Jarvis knows from personal experience the mental, emotional, and financial hardships that go hand in hand with the issues seniors face. I began my career as a financial advisor, but through my own grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s… watching someone I loved dearly disappear before my eyes… I discovered my true path as an Elder Law attorney. To me, the field of Elder Care and Estate Planning is all about helping people. Making a positive difference in seniors’ lives, and the lives of their families. All so that they may live their golden years with dignity, vigor, and the comfort of knowing that while they’re here, they won’t be a burden… and so that long after they’re gone, their loved ones will be taken care of.

What’s more, if you’re 65 of older and have a background in military service, there may be additional benefits available to you and your spouse that you didn’t even know about! When counseling aging Veterans and their spouses, there is an all-too-common theme. We meet these passionate individuals who put everything on the line for their country, and at the end of their service, they may not have been made aware of the benefits and entitlements they may have coming for the sacrifices they made. Discovering the benefits that may be available to you can mean being able to remain at home or assisted living facility for more months, and to afford more months of private-pay dignity in a nursing home.

At Jarvis Law Offices, we are committed to providing you with the most thorough and personal advice and support possible.

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